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Digging Deep

Curses and Blessings – Part 4 by Bro KENNETH ILENRE- Digging Deep

INTRODUCTION: In this series, we have learnt about the sources and causes of both curses and blessings. We have examined the conditions for receiving blessings and what to do to escape from curses. In this concluding part of the series we wish to look at some special features of blessings and the special case of Jacob versus his sons.


Some blessings are conditional, i.e. the blessings will come if certain conditions are satisfied. But some blessings are unconditional. Such blessings are irrevocable. An example of such an irrevocable blessing is that which Isaac pronounced on Jacob. Blessing could be spoken or transferred through the laying on of hands. Normally, only fathers can pronounce blessings on their children and the first-born should have more blessing than the second son but at times the first is the last and the last first. Deut. 28:1-14, Gen.27:26-29, 33, Gen.27:34-40, I Sam.1:12-17, I Sam. 1:19-20, Gen.48:14, Matt.19:15, Mark 10:16, Acts 13:1-3, I Tim.4:14, II Tim.1:6, Gen.48:17-19.


The blessings of Abraham are seven-fold: (i) you will become a great nation (ii) you will be blessed materially, (iii) your name will be great (iv) you will be a blessing (v) those who bless you will be blessed (vi) those who curse you will be cursed of God (vii) all the families of the world will be blessed through you. All these blessings can be yours too, if you are in Christ.

All the blessings of Abraham were reconfirmed of his son Isaac who in turn pronounced a ten-fold blessing upon Jacob. The blessings of Jacob are (i) may God give thee of the dew of heaven (ii) may God give thee the fatness of the earth (iii) may God give thee plenty of food (iv) and plenty of drink (v) may people serve you (vi) may nations bow to you (vii) may you be master over your brothers (viii) may your mother’s sons bow to you (ix) let him be cursed who curses you (x) let him be blessed who blesses you.

In his parting words to his sons, Jacob cursed some and blessed some. Finally, he transferred the Abramic blessing unto Judah, from whose line came the Lion of Judah Himself, our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we are all blessed today. Genesis 12:2-3, Gal.3:13-14, Gen.26:24, Gen.27:27-29, Gen.48:15-16, Gen.49:1-28, Deut.21:17, Deut. 27:20, Gen.35:2, Gen.34:25-29, Num.14:17, Ps.60:7, Isa.63:1-3, Rev. 19:11-16, 1 Chron.5:1-2, Isa.22:1, Ezek.21:27, Dan.9:25, Matt.21:9, Luke 1:32.

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