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Digging Deep

The Wisdom of God by A/P Mrs. Olaitan Olaleye- Digging Deep


In the previous study we studied about the power of God. This week, we want to study about His wisdom because power can be dangerous in the hand of a fool. There are all sorts of wisdom but true, pure, beneficial and Divinely approved wisdom comes from God only, Daniel 2:20.


Oxford Dictionary:  Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, good judgement and using these to make sound and best decisions.

The ancient Hebrews associated wisdom with our modern term “skill,” even though “skill” is not a direct translation of the Hebrew term. “Skill” implies what wisdom is in actual practice: excellence in quality or expertise in the practice of one's occupation, craft, or art or decision making. 

Text: 1 Cor 2:1-16


1. Human Wisdom. Skills to manage the world God gave man and general ability to think and make regular decisions. Present at Creation. Built on today through regular education, intuition and experiences. Available to everyone. 1 Cor 2:4, 6.

2. Satanic / Demonic Wisdom. Genesis 3:1-7. Inspired by the devil against God. Focuses on him and man. Genesis 11:4.

Corrupted part of the Wisdom given to man. James 3:15-18. Selfish, ambitious, self-glorifying, denying or antagonizing God, Satan doing his best to sell it to everyone.

The Bible regards the two above as EARTHLY WISDOM.

3. Godly/Spiritual Wisdom or Wisdom of God. It is the skill in living according to God's way of life.” It is from God and God-Focused. James 3:13. It is actually a mystery. Job 28:12-19.


-It is True wisdom 

-It is worth more than gold, silver, pearls, and rubies. Prov 3:13-14, 8:11.

That is why a Divinely wise man is a happy man. 

-True wisdom is comparable to light, Ecclesiastes 2:13, which is understandable since Jesus, the Wisdom of God, is also the light of the world. 

- It is better than money or material wealth. Eccl 7:12.

- It gives victory in humanly tough situations / challenges Luke 21:15.

Consequently, if you cannot get anything else from God, be sure you get wisdom from Him. Prov. 4:7.

C. How Is Godly Wisdom Obtained?

Job 32:8-9. Not by age or gathering human knowledge because it can contradict regular sense.

God is the one that can give this type of wisdom because it belongs to him fully. Dan 2:21-22.

- Accepting the Lordship of Jesus because He is the Wisdom of God Isaiah 11:2.

- Being a lover of God Eccl 2:26.

- By Reverence / Fear of God. Prov 9:10.

- By Desiring and asking God for it (like King Solomon did). 2 Chronicles 1:10-12,  James 1:5.

- By inspiration from the Word (the person of Christ, his person, his values etc.). 2 Tim 3:14-15.

- By the Brooding of the Holy Spirit. Deut 34:9, 1 Cor 2:2-14 (remember Pastor Seyi’s Testimony).

D. How To Know Someone Who has Godly Wisdom:

(i) he fears God. Job 28:28.

(ii) he is a DOER who puts into practice whatsoever he learns from the scriptures. Matthew 7:24.

(iii) he searches the scriptures constantly to discover how God wants him to live, (iv) he is a man of few words (v) he is considered a fool by those who have worldly wisdom. I Cor.2:6, I Cor.12:8, I Cor.3:18, II Tim.3:15, Eccl.5:3, Prov.15:2, Prov.12:23.


GODLY/SPIRITUAL WISDOM IS A GOLD MINE: The Spirit of God that gives power is also the same that gives wisdom, understanding, knowledge and the fear of God. However, the Scriptures confirm that Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God. 1 Cor 1:24. 

The wisdom of God is like gold mine: the deeper you dig, the richer you become. Which implies that the more you know of Christ, the wiser you become because Jesus Christ is that “Gold mine.”

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