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Digging Deep

Divine Guidance – Part 2 by BRO. KENNETH ILENRE


DIGGING DEEP (January 26, 2021)

Topic: Divine Guidance – Part 2

INTRODUCTION: In the last study, we learnt that God has guided His people before and He will guide them still, Heb.13:8. Also, He is able and willing to guide in all matters, physical, financial, marital and spiritual and also forever. Now, God has various ways of guiding His people. One of this ways through prophesies.

1. Talking about prophesy, there are two types:

a) Direct, which is readily recognized and
b) Direct, which is blended with inspired preaching. There are also two major functions of prophesy:
i. Directive i.e. Specific instructions about a course of action –Acts 13:1-2 and
ii. Imperative i.e. By the laying on of hands and prophesying, the Holy Spirit imparts certain gifts or specific calling on the believer, I Tim.4:14. Hence, prophecy is not evil even though it may be abused – I Cor.14:1,22,39.

2. There are three (3) possible sources of prophesies:
i. The Holy Spirit Jere 1:9, II Sam. 23:2, Acts 19:6, Acts 21:11,
ii. Evil and lying spirits, I Kings 22:20-22, Isa. 8:19-20, Matt. 8:29, Acts 16:17, and
iii. The human spirit, Jeremiah 23:16. It is important to note that God is against false prophets and warns us to beware of them, Jere. 23:31-32, Deut. 13:5, Deut. 18:20, Isa. 9:15, Jer. 2:8, Jer. 14:14, Ezek.22:28, Hosea 9:7, Micah 3:5, Zephaniah 3:4, Zechariah 13:3, Matthew 7:15, 24:11, Mark 13:22.

3. There are nine guideline to judging a prophesy to know if it is true or false
i. Fulfillment – Deut.18:21-22,
ii. Accompanying conditions – II Chronicles 7:14
iii. Agreement with the word of God – I Cor.13:8-9, with Isaiah 40:8
iv. Public acknowledgement – I Corinthians 14:29,
v. Confirmation of something God has already told you – Acts 13:2,
vi. Spiritual witness – Rom 8:16,
vii. The purity of the vessel of prophecy, i.e. the life (holy or unholy) of the person prophesying
viii. The Spirit of the message – Revelation 19:10, Jesus is never unnecessarily harsh – Matthew 23:37-39, and
ix. The burden of the Lord – Isaiah 1:19-20.

4. Just a prophecy for your consideration and meditation – Isaiah 21:11-12

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