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Digging Deep

Today's Ministration with pastor Gozie

Topic: From nothing to Greatness
Host Minister: Pastor Gozie
Ref: Job 8:6-7
Date: Sunday 29th April 2012
God is a supernatural deity that gives supernatural increase. He alone can provide the extraordinary. An evidence of Supernatural increase is experiencing the extraordinary. You must submit to God to achieve your extraordinary, desired increase

Jacob realized there were signs of emptiness and desired increase. Jacob had a vision and asked for the right request from Lebam. He moved from grass to grace through the supernatural increase of the lord. Pastor gives life story/testimony as illustration.

Ø  Embrace the principle of paying tithe
Ø  Principle of offering: it has no measurement, but has a direct relationship to how your increase will be 
Ø  Open your hands to give away freely: Make no calculations before you give
Ø  Support the works of God
The few principles above are sufficient to move from nothing to greatness.
It is very possible to move from nothing to greatness. Let’s see biblical illustrations
1.      Ecc 5:11: as God increases you, several things around you relatively increase. Support everyone as you climb your supernatural lather
2.      Ecc 5:10
3.      Job 8:6-7: Make firm decisions. Uprightness and being pure are conditions to supernatural increase
4.      Leviticus 26:3, 14-20: Obey every commandment of God

For anyone who desires to move from nothing to greatness or grass to greatness, you must obey God’s Commandment
Ø  In every area of your life you will never know difficulty in Jesus name
Ø  Your debt shall be written off/paid off in Jesus name
Ø  Every month shall be greater than it previous month in your life in Jesus name
Ø  God will change your story
Ø  God will make peace rain in your marriage and family in Jesus name. Amen
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