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Digging Deep

The Rejected Cornerstone by Pastor Joshua: Digging Deep

*Digging Deep*

Date: Tuesday, 8th November, 2022
Preacher: Pastor Olaleye
Topic: The Rejected Cornerstone
Text: John 1:11

In the last two studies we have been studying John 1:11 and we have discovered why Jesus came and who are the Divine favourites. We also learnt how we can be one of His favourites and the crowning work of our Lord and Saviour. Today, we find out the secret behind the strange statement: “HIS OWN received Him not”

Why did His own reject Him? Is it a plan of God? What dangers are there in rejecting the Word?

There are several reasons why His own rejected Him. In the first place, they failed to recognize Him. In the second place, God planned it that way – Romans 11:7-8. Why? So that

a) Salvation may come to you and me – Romans 11:11

b) That prophecies concerning the gentles might be fulfilled e.g. Genesis 22:27, Psalms 86:9, and Isaiah 9:2

c) That Israel may be jealous – Romans 10:21, Mark 6:4 because they misused their priviledge and

d) Their hearts were hardened – Jeremiah 7:13-15.

Rejecting Jesus Christ or the Word of God is extremely dangerous because it brings down the wrath of God – II Chronicles 36:16, Zechariah 7:12, and Isaiah 5:24.

CONCLUSION:His own rejected Him and you benefited thereby. What do you think your fate will be like if you too should reject Him. If you do not want your blessings given to another, harden not your heart today - Proverbs 20:1.
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