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Digging Deep

Soldiers of the Cross by Deacon Sam Uche- Digging Deep

INTRODUCTION: We have been learning about how to win the battle against Satan, his principalities, powers, ruler, and wicked spirits. We have studied in details the whole Armour of God, how to put it on and why. In this concluding part, we want to look at the greatest weapon of all i.e. prayers, Ephesians 6:10-18.

1) PRAY AS YOU BREATHE: It is only hypocrites who should find it difficult to pray because they know that God will not answer them. But when the saints call on God, He hears and comes to their rescue. Some people only call on God when in trouble but children of God should pray as they breathe. If Daniel had waited until he was thrown into the lions den before praying, it would have been too late. When Peter was imprisoned, the church did not hire a lawyer, they prayed. Job 27:8-10, Ps.34:17, Isa.26:16, Dan.6:10, Acts 1:12-14, 6:2-4, 10:1-2, 12:5,11, Phil.1:4-5.

2) THE ONLY EXCUSE FOR NOT PRAYING IS LAZINESS: Those who would not pray are just lazy and lukewarm. Whereas we are expected to be active, fervent, happy, strong, hot. Some Christians are world champion worriers but we are expected to be world champion prayer warriors. However, no one can pray as he ought without the help of the Holy Spirit. There is a spirit of supplications: if you call on God He can impart Him to you. Furthermore, the only way to pray without ceasing and to build up your faith is by praying in the spirit. Rom 12:11-12, Phil.4:6, I Thess.5:17, Rom.8:15-16, 26-27, Zech.12:10, Jude v.20-21.

3) QUITERS ARE NEVER WINNERS; WINNERS NEVER QUIT: Jacob wrestled with God till he got the blessings he wanted. The woman that the Lord compared to a dog persisted till she got what she wanted. We are better than dogs: we are children of the Most High. Let us persevere in prayers and we shall always defeat Satan all the time. No matter how “busy” God may be, if we persevere, we shall get our blessings. Gen.32:28, Matt.15:25-28, Luke 11:5-8, Luke 18:1-8.

4) WE CAN RESCUE OUR NATION FROM SATAN: God heard Solomon when he prayed for his people. God has not changed. He will hear us too if we pray for our nation. When the devil tried to destroy the Jews, it is to the only person that they had in the palace that they sent to for help. We are in the palace of the Most High, we are His Brides. Our Nation needs our held now more than ever before. I Kings 9:3, Ester 4:8, Dan.9:20-23, I Timothy 2:1-4, Colossians 4:2, II Timothy 1:3, Philippians 4:5.

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