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Digging Deep

RCCG- Digging Deep Service (28th July 2020)


In the last part of this series, we saw how Moses moved before God was fully ready for the deliverance of Israel. As a result, Moses got into trouble and became a fugitive. But because he persisted in helping the helpless, he was soon rewarded with a new abode, a wife and a son. By naming his son Geshom, he declared to all around that he was a stranger in a foreign land and would not be content until he was finally settled in his own home. Today, we would move on to the beginning of Exodus 3 and learn more from the life of this great man of God. May the Lord Himself teach us in Jesus Name. Amen.


For 40 years, Moses had kept his father -in-law’s flock. By now he thought God had forgotten him. But God never forgets. The only thing is that God has His time- tables and He is never too early or too late. When Moses left home that fateful morning, he did not know that the experience that would change his life forever was about to happen. He had no idea that the fire will burn for him that day. One day the fire will also burn for you and me.

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  1. please, can I get Moses, a man of destiny part 18


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