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Digging Deep

Law of trade off

Family Service
Minister: Pst Mrs Olaleye
Topic: law of trade off
Text: Hosea 4:6

This law says you have give up to grow up .

You need to trade your comfort atimes. Hosea 4:16

John 12:23-26

This law focus is determined on how to do a trade off. What are the things you need to trade off?

For this law to work in your life something's must happen

1. It can be painful : Delayed gratification:  this is one of the trade off.

2. Trade off  can be opportunity for exponential growth .

3. Trade off never leaves us the same.

4. Some are never worth the price tag

5. some bring us down .

6. Some land us in trouble.

Where can we apply the law of trade off.

1. Financially
2. Spiritually: Matthew 16:26
3. Health and longetivity
4. In career or personal pursuit
5. Our relationship

Decide what to train or what to trade off.

In conclusion be comfortable for growth in the right direction . Matthew 16:24-27
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