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Digging Deep

Arise and Shine by Dcn Tomi Oyatoye

Rabbi Service
Text: Isaiah 60:1-3

Shining is to draw others to the Glory of the lord.

Identity crises is one of the problems in the world. This is when you can identify who your true enemies is. And who our God is. Who is God to you. Who are you in Christ . The more you know who you are, the more you know who you are in Christ.

The arrival of your light announces your Arise and Shine .

Arise means to change position. It means come awake.  Ephesians 5:14.  To come into being or purpose or existence.

Shine means to give out. To give out rays of light.  To reflect or radiate brightness.

Light means an incomparable force that overcomes darkness . John 1:5. Light is the glory and clothe of God . 1st John 1:5. James 1:17. Mathew 5:14.

Why is there so much darkness
Ephesians 1:18
Isaiah 60:2
John 3:13
1st John 1:5
1st John 8:10
Mathew 5:43

Why we must shine
1. To bring solution to the world.
2. Only when we shine, we bring joy to many. Mathew 4:16.
3. Only then can we show we are the children of our father.
4. Only when we shine, darkness bow.

How to arise and shine
1.Accept the source of light
2.  Surrender yourself to be used as a light to others
3. Improve yourself . Fanning to shine. Act 9.

4 keys things that stops you to arise and shine
1. Many fear darkness
2. We compare ourselves
3. Many of us want to be the friend of darkness .
4. Many don't fear the Lord. Malachi 4:1 -2
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