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Digging Deep

Remember Lot's wife

Rabbi service
Minister: Pastor Olaleye
Topic: Remember Lot's wife
Text: Luke 17:20-32

The world is rounding up and the coming of Jesus is at hand . Romans 13:11. Jude 1:5.

Being saved today is not enough garauntee for salvation . Phil 2:12.

Your state of mind and attitude will show where you will end .

Looking at lot wife as an example Genesis 19:16-17. Genesis 19:26.

We need to remeber some things about lot's wife so we don't fall

1. There is danger in getting too attached to this world . As Christians we live in the world but we are not of the world . 2 Corinthians 6:17. Loving the world and getting so used and attached to it is very dangerous . 1st John 2:15.

2. She refused to set her priorities right. We need to realize that not all priorities are of equal importance. Luke 17:28-29. Mathew 6:33.  We must put God first in all we do.

3. You need to begin to avoid scoffers. They are the people that ridicule and mock the work and world of God. They always believe they will never be caught . Genesis 19:14. Lot's wife never believed destruction would come. 2 Peter 3:3-5.

We are not perfect but always yield to God's instruction  . You should hold the right priorities at the right time.

In conclusion . Have you lost your salvation , Are you doubting the coming of Christ, are you attached to things of this world.  Don't be like lot's wife . The time is getting close .
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