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Digging Deep

Dangers of Lack of Spiritual Understanding

Luke 15:12-16
Pastor Joshua
Understanding is so important in life that a lack of it makes a man to be compared with a beast. A beast behaves anyhow and do anything anywhere and anytime. When you consider the dangers associated with lack of understanding, there is no way one can live a fulfilled life. Be not without understanding. Pro 4:5-7

Let us look at the dangers of not having spiritual understanding.

  1. You are equated with the beasts: A beast is a large four-footed animal used for carrying burdens. In either words a man void of understanding is not better than animal. If you despise any opportunity to have understanding, you become a prey and bearer of burdens. Psalm 32:9, 49:20, Pro.26:3
  2. You become a companion of fools: Fools are those who lack insight into a matter. The understanding of fools is darkened and they behave anyhow. Fools deny the existence of God in their hearts. Pro 12:1, 18:2, 6:32-33, Pro 12:19
  3. You can become lazy and slothful: A man void of understanding may know what to do but will not do it. Lack of understanding can make a man see death coming and will not do anything to prevent it 1 Che 12:32, Pro 24:30-31
  4. Your days become shortened: It is not the will of God for man to die prematurely but lack of understanding can terminate life abruptly. A man that is void of understanding can live carelessly and may not control his diet until death comes knocking. Pro 28:16; 28:16; Exo 20:12
Whatever price you have to pay for understanding is not too much, for in the days of trouble discretion will preserve you and understanding will keep you. Pro 2:11

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