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Digging Deep

Healing from the Roots by Pastor Joshua

Topic – Healing from the Roots
Text - 2Kings2:19-23
There is a spring to every challenge we encounter in life. If there is no cause, sickness will not come upon us (prob26:2). God is the only being that can heal from the roots – any healing that doesn’t cure the springs of the ailments, will appear again in a more terrific manner, (Job14:7-8). (Matt12:43-45).
Man’s inability to resolve the roots of his challenges causes fluctuations in the life of such person.
Root Causes of Sickness
1.Transgressions of fools (Psalm107:17) – sin is a paramount cause of sickness in a man’s life. Sin is disobedience to God’s instructions, which leaves us vulnerable to demonic afflictions. (Deut28:15,21-22).
Disobedience to God’s word will always activate destructions – Why Jesus always admonishes man to stay away from sin. Our lifestyle also produces ailments in our lives.
2.Curse (Prob 23:21), (1cor11-30). A man’s actions can bring curse upon him, which generates ailments.
3.The Devil – Luke 13:11-16). Demonic activities also brings captivity into a man’s life. (Mark5:1-20). The Devil destroys a man with great mandate and potentials until Jesus address the root cause of the ailment. The Devil transfers generation ailments and oppression to the life of a man.
Gods Provision for Divine Healing
1.A willing man - God is always willing to heal man of his ailments, cause he is the only one that can heal completely. (Exp15:26), (Jer30:17), (Psalm103:1-3).
God is more than able to deal with the symptoms and root cause. Gods words is a means to heal us (Psalm107:20). A man must be willing to be healed to receive of God.The death of Christ upon the cross also paid for healing – (1peter2:24), (Isa53:5).
Isaiah 1:19 – man’s willingness is confirmed by obedience to Gods word.
2.Play your Part – it is man’s duty to renounce sin. We must make up our minds to put aside a few habits and God will help us conquer.
3.Faith – faith is the key to change our fate, in prayers (Matt9:28). The strength of our faith, corresponds the restoration and healing we receive from Christ.
4.Every healing we desire is possible with God – financial, marital, restoration, recreation or deformations. We can access this by strength of our faith.
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