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Entering God's rest By Pastor Joshua Olaleye

Pastor Joshua Olaleye
Topic: Entering God’s Rest
Text: Hebrew4:1-11 

God has not changed his mind concerning his promises, but many will not enter the rest.  The reason is because many do not believe in the gospel – this made God swear an oath of Anger against the rebellious. (Num14:3). God’s rest has been before creation, so the place of our rest (Academic, marital, financial) has been ready before hand. The guarantee of Gods rest is yielding our heart for the entrance of his word. 
The Rest of God is beyond physical inactivity, the rest of God is the joy of achievement. It is the peace experienced amidst uproar – by having the presence of God independent of the physical events. The breakthrough that we labor for had been prepared for us before hand. The promise of God to us remain fresh, but the most prominent is to arrive the kingdom of God (John 14:2). 

Why Men don’t enter Gods Rest
1. Lack of faith – men didn’t believe the word of God that came to them (Heb4:2). Lack of faith is denying the ability of God, bringing low the capacity of God. The omnipotent nature of God is questioned when we express our unbelieve – this is likeable to calling God a liar.
2. Disobedience (Heb4:6) Men have abandoned God’s instructions – we seek the material needs of life ahead of God’s kingdom. We must repent of unbelief and Disobedience to enter God’s rest. We should give God the best part of our life and not the remnant – this is God’s criteria to enter his rest. The eternal rest that we expect is made from giving God our best by total obedience to his instructions (Matt6:33).
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