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Avoiding The Mistakes of Failure By Pastor Joshua

Rabbi Service
Text: Joshua 1:8
The pathway to good success is embedded in the scriptures  - bad success is synonymous with failure. Man’s perception of success determines his yardstick of fulfillment.  If we localise our yardstick, we become myopic about our expectations – it is therefore imperative that that we compare our results with God’s accurate measures.
Success is effective management Of Gods mandate towards us. God will judge us based on the obligations we are assigned. Man becomes a failure If he fails in his assignment – succeeding in another responsibility. Making efforts to be a duplicate of someone else violates Gods will for our lives. Our success will be determined  by what heaven as empowered us to do. We must understand what God has called us to do – via Our strengths and abilities. God’s purpose is to be the very best in our calling – political, business or evangelical clime. God gives to us according to our abilities, therefore we are not expected to generate the same results (Matt25).
1.God gives us assignment based on our abilities
2.God gives us specific obligations, with respect to time and space, therefore we would give account
3.We would be accountable to God individually.
When we don’t take risks, we cannot generate results and therefore would not be successful (2Cor10:13). Our missions are varying – academic, research, business, artistic etc. God rewards us based on the results of the measure he has deposited inside of us.
Mistakes of A Failure
1.Entitlement Mentality – taken their assignments for granted, evading us that it is performance that matters to God.  They always expect people to help them, instead of looking for ways to use their abilities to facilitate their assignment. Such mentality robs of joy, because we are always dependent on people.
2.Minimal Efforts and Weak Performance – they don’t make efforts to increase the stake of the master. They only maintain the status quo – exceeding no efforts. Diligence is the mandate of a successful person.
3.Time and Opportunity Wasters (Matt25:26-27) -  failure pursue frivolities that has no impact in their assignment.  They think they would have extended time in purpose – concentrating things that do not matter.
4.Abandonment of Purpose -  Activity doesn’t correlate assignment. Failures abandon their purpose for frivolous or an obligation that pleases their desire. They perceive that their Master exists for their benefits – God has called us to his kingdom for a purpose, beyond numerical analysis.
5.Complacency – remaining in comfort zone to a point of disgust (Amos6:1).  A failure stagnates growth and therefore opposes dynamism.
6.Hatred for the Master (Matt 25: 24) - A failure refuses his assignment because he hates his employer. He therefore doesn’t see the importance of obliging to his mandate.
Knowing your Purpose
1.Having a relationship with God.
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