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Digging Deep

Walking in Possibilities (Thanksgiving Ministration)

*Sunday service
Pst Joshua Olaleye
----Working in possibilities .
Mark 9 vs 21-23*

- Faith in Christ, has purchased a life of possibility.
- God expect you to take the lead in some circumstances, because you carry his DNA .
-Working in possibility ... Give him pleasure .
----How to work in possibilities
1) Enter a relationship with God.... A child of God must become a god. John vs 33-34. No matter the situation as a child of God you must live a life of possibility... The life of God is in his children.... Many people are in church but not of God, always be a child of God for possibility.
2) Seek to know him intimately. Daniel 11 vs 32
3) Absolute trust in God is needed. Always know you place in God, things that are not possible begins to be possible when you know God. This was shown in the life of the 10 lepers. To experience the impossible becoming possible, you need to trust and believe in God. Ephesians 3 vs 20.
4) Step out for God.. Let people know you serve a God, tell everyone about God. ---Live a life of praise and thanksgiving... Give thanks to the Lord all the time, and you get victory.. Multiplication of food happened because Jesus gave thanks, when you give thanks, God will show up. Always give praise, when you give to God what is due to him, the right due will come your way. The only weapon to use at all times is your praises.
When you have prayed and nothing as happened, praise God...
You are chosen by God to represent him here on earth, and the only God people can see is you, by portraying that you know your God , as a good christian, conceive, believe and you will receive. The scripture is the picture of your future.

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