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Digging Deep

--The kings business by Bro Wole Adewuyi

-----Sunday service
       Dcn wole
--The kings business
     John 5 vs 17, matt 12 vs 8.

 The king business is so important to God, and the main business is soul winning, God started the king's business with the creation of heaven and earth genesis 1vs2, and he did performance evaluation.
A king is a ruler in his own domain. God is actively involved in his business.
--What is the kings business?.
1) Soul winning: 
soul winning is the heartbeat of God. John 4vs16.. This is the major business. Its the ministry of reconciliation 2ndcor 5-18, mark 16-15.
---Who should be involved in the kings business 
a) Believers in Christ are candidates in the kings business Romans 8 -17
-Friends, associates, neighbours, colleagues are your clients to bring to God.
-- You can start on a small scale with the help of the Holy Spirit giving you capital... Start small and end big.
- When and how should the kings business be done: Now.  John 9, lam 3 vs 27.
-God opens our ears and seals us with His words, so speak it to the needful.
-He backs His words with signs and wonders.
--Profit to every kings business 
1. Your labour won't be in vain 1stcor 3 vs 8.
2. God will put them in the class of the wise. Proverbs 11 vs 30.
3. Support of the kings of kings and shines as stars.
4. The king himself shall come early to reward his partners. Rev 22, 1kings 19 vs 1-2, 1stThessalonians 2 vs 19. Luke 9 vs 52.

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  1. Good to know about the things. However lets see how this business go and in which way.
    Emma Charlotte |


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