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Digging Deep

Balancing the influence of 3rd party in our home (Family Service)

Ministering: Deacns Mrs Josephine Olaleye
Topic: Balancing the influence of 3rd party in our home
Text: Gen 2: 23

Third parties that can be useful or not useful third parties
Respected Role Model, In-Laws, friends, Children, neighbours, nephew/niece, domestic staffs, works, television, technology, social media, business partners etc

Homes have been broken by these people depending on exposures, experience and communication
but we do not draw a conclusion that these set of parties are not useful and necessary.

Negative Influences

  • Unnecessary meddling: First try to handle issues before running to them
  • Prevention of Free expression of closeness, playfulness and romance
  • Misplaced authorities: This could cause delay in blessings Gen 13 vs 14

Prayer: Father, every relationship blocking my progress please send them away

  • Bitterness
  • Broken Home
  • Infidelity

How can Christian couples balance the influence of family and friends?
Prov 4:5 Get Wisdom and develop good judgement

Couples should have joint decisions Amos 3:3
Access the influence the party has on your home
Let mutual respect be visible to third parties
Be responsible towards your parent (In-laws, siblings etc)
Be bold to separate from whoever needs to be separated from as much as possible

To be continue next month...

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