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Digging Deep


SUNDAY 30th APRIL 2017
*Memory Verse:*
Nevertheless let everyone of you in particular so
love his wife even as himself, and the wife see
that she loves and reverence her husband
(Ephesians 5.33)
*Bible passage:*
Ephesians 5:22-23
Discussions on Christian living will be incomplete
without a thorough discussion on family life. This
is an institution that the Lord Jesus Christ
likened to the relationship between Him and His
Church. May the Holy Spirit teach and bless us
the more, in Jesus' Name.
1. The wife in true submission
2. The loving husband
3. The King's children
The true Christian wife must recognise and
joyfully accept the God-ordained headship of the
husband and be submissive (1 Peter 3.1;
Colossians 3.18, 1 Timothy 2.11-14). The scope
of the submission should be as unto the Lord
Jesus in everything. Other qualities of the wife
include obedience (1 Peter 3.1), reverence
(Ephesians 5.33; 1 Peter 3.5), humility in outward
appearance (1 Peter 3.4; 1 Timothy 2.9). The
true Christian wife should adorn herself with
meekness, quiet and prayerful spirit only, which
will make greater impact in the home, church
and the nation (1 Peter 3.4, Titus 2.5). Other
qualities are purity and holiness (Titus 2.4-5; 1
Peter 3.5), loveliness (Titus 2.4; Songs 1.6-7),
mother's heart (Psalm 128.3, 1 Samuel 2.19,
Proverbs 6.20-25), diligence and dependability
Psalm 144.11-12; Proverbs 12.14; 31.30-31),
hospitality (Psalm 31.20; 2 Kings 4.8-10) and
prayerfulness (Matthew 15.22-28; Acts 1.14)
The husband, by godly plan, is the head of the
wife (Ephesians 5.23; 1 Corinthians 11.3). It has
nothing to do with education, talent or wealth.
The husband is to love his wife as Christ loves
the Church (Romans 5.6-10). He must love in
sickness, pain, sorrow or weakness. His love
must be sacrificial (Ephesians 5.25; Philippians
2.5-8). The love must not be because of what
the man can get from the woman but be God-
ordained. The head stays with the body until
death (Ephesians 5.28-29;31). Where the home
is blessed with children, the husband is to train
them and not provoke them to wrath (Colossians
In the family are also children who must be
trained and nurtured in the fear of God (Proverbs
22.6). They are God's heritage and blessed in
the family where they are found (Psalm 127.3-7;
128.1-6). They are the crown of old age and the
glory of their fathers (Proverbs 17.6). Of them
also is the kingdom of Heaven - (Matthew
19.14). God commands them to obey their
parents in the Lord (Ephesians 6.1; Colossians
The family life is a precious relationship ordained
by God. How is yours? You can prayerfully
answer the question today as you turn to the
perfect architect and master builder, that is, the
Lord Jesus Christ, who can perfect all about your
1. What is the lord's command to wife? Justify
with scripture
2. What other qualities should a Christian wife
3. What is the responsibility of the husband in
the house?

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