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Digging Deep

The reality of lady's make-up

Do you agree some ladies can be very horrible underneath their make-up. Don't you think this is deceitful . If you agree to this, kindly  leave your comments and views in this format by twitting us @STRONGTOWERRCCG with the hastag #dowithoutmakeup e.g "girls should #dowithoutmakeup bcos this is extremely deceptive (also on facebook:[strongtoweryouths"

do you agree in contrary, that ladies are quite pretty with or without make-up, but often consider using makeups to enhance the beauty that is already there. If you are of this school of thought, kindly leave your comments and views in this format by twitting us @STRONGTOWERRCCG, with the hastag #makeupisgood e.g "makeupisgood jor, because its not inferiority complex but being the best you can be (also on facebook:[strongtoweryouths

Twit us and facebook us with answers to this questions
Do you prefer women with or without makeup?
Ladies: Are you the same without it?
Why are some women so dependent on makeup?
Is it healthy?
Where do I draw the line?
Is it impersonation/deception?
 Join the trend on twitter #dowithoutmakeup #makeupisgoog #strongtoweryouths 
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