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Nigeria: Anti-Islam Film - Day Shiites Protested in Zaria

Kaduna — Many Islamic clerics have at different fora raised their voices condemning the anti-Islam film recently released in the United States of America, the Shiite Thursday also took to the streets to add their voice to the series of condemnation going on globally. Weekly Trust reports 

Many residents of Zaria and other parts of Kaduna State were skeptical in taking to the streets to protest and condemn the film that ridiculed Islam and its Prophet (pbuh). The decision of many Muslims to resort to verbal condemnation in their various mosques and other venues as well as protests may not be unconnected with calls by different Islamic clerics against violence. The fear, perhaps, was that such protests may be hijacked by hoodlums and that may worsen the present security situation of the country.

However, the Islamic Movement, aka Shiite, came out en mass on Thursday, September 20, to protest the blackmailing of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the protest ended peacefully.
The Muslims Shiite sect under the leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky began their procession from the Zazzau emir's palace and assembled at the Muhammad Aminu Square (Polo Club) where Sheikh Zakzaky addressed the demonstrators.
Sheikh Zakzaky said his movement felt that it is not proper for them to keep quite when the noble Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Islam are ridiculed.
Sheikh Zakzaky said in Hausa; "we feel that we should come out like other Muslim of the world to voice out our grievances against the anti-Islam film recently released in the US. If we keep quiet, it means we are saying there are no Muslims in Nigeria. We are here to condemn this film in its entirety. We are also calling on all leaders in Nigeria, especially Muslims leaders, to do same. You can't say you love the Prophet of Islam and at the same love those who hate him.
"Islam is faced with a lot of challenges. Look at the issue of Boko Haram that is enforced on us and those who came up with that idea is portraying it as an Islamic movement. There is nothing like Boko Haram, but plots to ridicule Islam and its followers. It is also a plot to loot the country in the name of providing security. A governor in Nigeria has vowed to expose those behind Boko Haram, if anyone attempts to detonate bomb in his state and up till now that state has not witnessed a bomb explosion. This is to tell you that some people are behind this Boko Haram issue," Sheikh Zakzaky said.
He called on Muslims all over the world to unite themselves if they want to overcome the challenges facing them, saying Islam is a religion of peace and cooperation.
Observers described the presence of Christians at the rally as an interesting development.
A Christian at the rally, Isma'il Theophilus, said Christians decided to join the protest, because they (Christians) don't support the ridiculing any prophet or religion. "We are here in solidarity with our Muslim brothers. Those who engage in such acts are enemies of peace. I am not happy that up till now the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has not come out to condemn that film. However, our presence in this rally is to tell you that Christians in Nigeria are not in support of that film and we condemn it in its totality," Theophilus said.
The really ended peacefully with the burning of the US flag and caricature of what the protesters called President Barack Obama.
The police did not attempt to disrupt the rally despite the ban placed on rallies by the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Olufemi Adenaike.
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