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Digging Deep

Welcome to the Fourth Sunday Service of the Month of April 2012

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  1. Choir Rendition
    Your Love Is More

    1.Before creations you knew my name
    You put my life in your hands
    You breathe in me and I came to life
    You heard my voice when I cry

    2. You put a touch in my finger tips
    You put a song on my lips
    You touched my eyes and I see the world
    My ears to hear your word

    3. Before I Knew you
    You love me so
    When I had no place to go
    You came to me when my ways was lost
    Your love flowed from the cross

    4. You put a warmth in a heart so cold
    Make a lamb in your fold
    Gave me a purpose my destiny
    Lord you set me free

    5. Sometimes the future seems so unsure
    Sometimes my heart is afraid
    I draw my comfort from knowing you
    Lord you are my friend

    Your Love Is More
    Than my mind can fathom
    More than I know
    Your Love is more
    Than the highest heavens
    More than forever

  2. How Quality Are Your Decisions?
    The measure of how far you can go in Life is determined by your decision. For Instance, You don't jump into marriage without making the right decision. Samson made the wrong decision in the book of Judges 14. People's suffering is down to the decision they make in life.
    You need to know the consequence of your decision before taking a step.
    Consult your maker, God doesn't make a bad decision for you. Invite God into your life.
    You need to check if your decision won't earn you a side effect.

    What are expected of us to make the right decision
    • Discipline: John Maxwell says growth comes from our daily discipline
    • Observe the law of sowing and reaping
    • Show love to somebody if you want love to return
    • Always remember that God is there
    • Be born again

    God instructed Abraham "Work before me and be that perfect in your decisions".


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